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Review: Tower Of Dawn - Throne Of Glass 6 - By Sarah J. Maas


Nesryn Faliq and Chaol Westfall arrived in Antica to form an alliance with Khagans from the Southern Continent. Their vast armies are Erilea’s last hope. They have also arrived in Antica to seek healing at the Cesme Tower, where they can be treated for the injuries Chaol sustained in Rifthold.

After suffering terrible horrors as a child Yrene Towers doesn’t want to help Adarlan’s young lord. He has taken an oath of charity to those in need and will keep it. However, Lord Westfall carries shadows of his past and Yrene quickly realizes that they could engulf the two of them.

About :Tower Of Dawn”

Tower of Dawn is the sixth book of the Throne of Glass saga by Sarah J. Maas. This book follows Chaol and Nesryn as they travel to Antica on the Southern Continent to seek out allies and a cure for Chaol’s paralysis.

They are welcomed by the Khagan and five of his children once they arrive in Antica. Every possible heir to the continent’s crown, as the heir system is not the same as in Adarlan. The Khagan, the most powerful man on the planet, is the equivalent to the king. To be selected as heirs, your children must demonstrate a number of characteristics.

After they settle in, Chaol discovers that Yrene is a healer and heir of the healers on the Southern Continent. Yrene is not a person she would like to be with. She has a difficult past and doesn’t enjoy a close relationship with Adarlan. When she is asked to heal the former captain, king of Adarlan’s Royal Guard, she doesn’t want to. His duty is greater than his resentments and he ends the day in the palace caring for his wounds, both internal and extern.

Tower of Dawn was a heavy read. I wanted to read the story of Aelin in Doranelle, and follow the events in the battle. This was the first book in the series, and I was disappointed. It isn’t a light book with 663 pages.

I began reading it immediately, and I was surprised at what I found. Tower of Dawn puts us in the same place as Empire of Storms (the preceding book), but from Nesryn and Chaol’s perspective on the Southern Continent. This allows us to see the news and notices they receive from Aelin as the book progresses.

We meet many new people.

Yrene is a young girl about Chaol’s height. He has had a lot of hardships in his life, but he is strong and determined. His character and his ability to face all situations with courage and determination impressed me greatly.

Chaol, on the other hand, returns to a more noble side. Yrene’s light illuminates her darkness, even though her style is still authoritarian and proud. Tower of Dawn has made me realize all his problems and the darkness in his life. It has also given me a lot of sadness.

Chaol felt for the first-time, maybe, as if he was awake.

Other characters appear like Sartaq, Hasar, Duva, etc. Each character has their own personality. My favorite is Sartaq (also known as The Winged Prince). He is one the Khagan’s sons and commander of Eridun’s air troops.

This book shows how couples can be formed. There are many feelings between them that make me laugh, cry and feel like a bad woman. Sarah J. Maas doesn’t make love instantly, but builds a relationship that slowly becomes more.

The plot is too complicated and long for me. The author is too long and the book is filled with boring and unnecessary parts. The story itself is not bad, but it could have been cut to 200 pages and still told the same story. It took me longer to read Tower of Dawn than I expected, and I had to force myself to continue reading. It is true that while the beginning is slow, the ending is dynamic and becoming more addictive.

Sarah J. Maas is a master at weaving stories with incredible narratives. This book proves it. It isn’t my favorite, but I do love the way the author writes.

It was stated that this book must be read before the previous one. I now understand why. Tower of Dawn contains many secrets, one of which changes the meaning of the whole saga. It’s not spoiler-free, but I will say that I was freaking out.

Torre del Alba was a pleasant reading experience, but it has not been my favorite. It is an essential book for understanding the next one and has given me hope for a better Erilea.

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