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Review: Queen of Shadows - Throne Of Glass 4 - By Sarah J. Maas


Celaena is back in the empire after losing everyone she loves. She wants to take revenge on her kingdom and face the shadows from her past.

She recognized her identity as Aelin Galantynius, Queen Of Terrasen. He must first fight to claim his throne. She will fight for her cousin, a warrior who is willing to die in order to see her again. He will fight for his friend, an unimaginable prisoner. He will also fight for his people who are waiting to be enslaved under the yoke a cruel king and the triumphant return their lost queen.

About” Queen of Shadows “

Queen of Shadows has been a surprise to me. This book is the fourth in the Throne of Glass saga and it’s one of my favorite. Queen of Shadows follows Aelin (Celaena). To defeat the Fae king, he has returned to Rifthold and left behind Rowan, the Fae prince with whom he had been training in Wendlyn. I won’t get into too much detail as it is the continuation of an epic saga.

Sarah J. Maas excelled in this book. This book is my favorite of all the Throne of Glass books I’ve read. It’s hard to ignore what I say every time: The amazing pen of the author, the balance between dialogues, descriptions, etc. We are surrounded by more action, mystery, passion, and many intertwined stories.

Although the first 200 pages were slow, I found it to be enjoyable. The plot then picks up pace and is so addictive that I could not stop reading. It didn’t feel like it was that long, even though it had 650 pages. It was completed in six days.

Sarah J. Maas has created the perfect characters, despite all the possibilities. Each character has his history, his ways of being, and his own story. This made me feel sad on numerous occasions. Manon and Asterin have begun to like me. Queen of Shadows shows that they have feelings. However, they keep them very secretive.

This book shows us a Rowan who is more warm and a Rowan who is trying to lower her barriers to him. The book doesn’t focus on romance, although they don’t have one, but it does leave that as an aside and focuses on the story. Those little glimpses of emotions that we can see are priceless.

“… I couldn’t get to the wick.

To save the queen who kept her heart in her scarred hands.

Although I love Chaol, I must admit that I don’t hate him. However, I cannot say the same thing about Chaol that I said in the second book. Every word he spoke was like little daggers, digging into Aelin’s heart and causing her pain.

We don’t look back, Chaol. It does not help anyone, or anything, to look back. We can only go on.

Aedion, on the other hand has earned my respect. He is loyal and can sacrifice his life for his queen.

Because of all the characters in different parts of Erilea’s world, the world of Throne of glass is complex. But Queen of Shadows brings these stories together slowly. There were many twists and turns in the book, but the end was refreshingly simple. It was unexpected.

Queen of Shadows felt like a book of 10 and was better than Heiress of Fire. We can learn more information about the characters and their motivations. It is also a plot twist that is truly amazing. It is a book I highly recommend, and one that will keep you coming back for more.

“We decide how we move forward. We are the masters and determine our destiny.”

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