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Review: Kingdom Of Ashes - Throne Of Glass 7 - By Sarah J. Maas


Aelin took great risks to save her people. Aelin is encased in a metal coffin made by the Fairy queen and must keep her strong will to endure months upon months of torture. Aelin is aware that her love ones will be destroyed if she surrenders to the Maeves, but her determination begins to fade.

Terrasen’s last defense against impending destruction is Lysandra and Aedion. They soon discover that not all their Erawan allies are enough. Chaol and Manon are forced to take their own paths to reach their destinations. The hope of salvation…of a better world is in the balance.

About “Kingdom Of Ashes”

Finally, I reached the final book in the Throne of Glass saga. It’s called Kingdom Of Ash (Kingdom Of Ash) and it brings us the famous ending of Aelin’s fight against Erawan, Maeve.

Kingdom of Ash follows the story of Empire of storms, the fifth book. Maeve holds Aelin captive in Maeveā€™s castle. She keeps her in an iron coffin with a mask so that she can only stare and hold back tears.

We also follow Cahol, Yrene and Aedion, Lysandra and Lysandra as well as Dorian, Manon, and Rowan. Each of them is located in Erilea and tells a different story about their battle against Erawan.

Before I begin, I have to admit that I was expecting a lot more from this novel. I was very excited about the book after all the buzz he created on social media. As I read, however, I realized I wasn’t going to find the story as addicting as some people claimed.

Kingdom of Ashes continues to offer multiple perspectives. This was something I didn’t like in the first book in the series. But Sarah J. Maas has done a great job with this last book. There are 14 points of view. Each one tells a story that is not connected in many places. It is unclear what will happen to the author who wants to tell us everything about all the characters. After seeing so many POVs, it was hard to believe that I was not completely satisfied.

The story is great and well told. However, I found Kingdom of Ash to be a bit long and lacking in substance.

This book is not my best work. I couldn’t force myself to finish the book. Although the Throne of glass saga was interesting and had some great parts, it is not one of my favorite books.

A strong protagonist has charmed me. She is a fighter girl who is loyal to her principles as well as hers. They are well-constructed characters with a strong connection to their pasts. However, I felt that the plot was too complicated for me and that there were many filler parts that made it a little boring. I felt this most in the last two books. It is a result of multiple points of views, I believe.

But not all things are bad. It was a pleasure to read the battles of Celaena (Aelin), in the early books. This has also taught me to always have an alternate plan in case something goes wrong. Rowan is a character I’ve grown to like, and Dorian as well as Manon have enjoyed me.

Although Kingdom of Ash has not been a favorite book of mine, I recommend it.

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