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Review: Empire Of Storms - Throne Of Glass 5 - By Sarah J. Maas


Aelin Galathynius is on the long road to the throne. Friendships have been made and broken, friendships lost and gained, and those with magic are facing those without.

Aelin must make friends out of enemies if she wants to save her family from being enslaved by the dark forces that seek to take over Erilea. A desperate mission is Aelin’s only hope of escaping war, which could bring an end to everything she loves.

About” Empire Of Storms “

Empire of Storms, the fifth book of the Throne of Glass saga is a bomb that will explode your head. This book sees Aelin and Lysandra, Aedion and Rowan travel north to Terrasen, where they find allies for their fight against Erawan. The Lords of Terrasen refuse to accept Aelin’s claim as the heir to their crown. They see her as a little girl with no knowledge of life and powers.

After Queen of Shadows, I was so happy that I thought this book would be as good, if not better. It turns out that I was right. Storm Empire is a great game and the best in the series. There is so much to do and so many secrets that everything fits together.

Even though there are some parts that are a little too long or unnecessary, I still enjoy the whole set. As I say every time, the author’s narrative makes it easy to forget everything and dive into the story almost automatically.

Aelin is a complete badass and continues to amaze me. She is one of my favorite protagonists. It is her willingness to sacrifice herself for Terrasen and her friends. I am still amazed at how intelligent she is.

Rowan, on the other hand has won my heart. While he can’t be compared to Rhys at the moment (surely you are a fan too of ACOTAR), Rowan has already won my heart. He is so loyal to Aelin, and treats her so well it is hard not to love him.

“I would go into hell to find you.”

Aelin and Rowan’s relationship has made my heart melt. Empire of Storms is more romantic than usual. Each scene in Empire of Storms has been so beautiful that I’ve had to read it again and again. Every phrase and every act are like little gold nuggets that make your smile, even if you don’t realize it.

They would consume the entire world if they had this thing between them.

This book also contains Manon Picos Negros, a revelation that will change everything. I couldn’t believe it when Sarah J. Maas told me that. I’m able to say that Manon, Abraxos and Sarah J. Maas have captured my attention and become characters I love.

Empire of Storms also features Lorcan as the main character. Many people I know are fans of Lorcan on bookstagram and booktok. I don’t understand it. I don’t find anything special about the character and his coldness doesn’t convince me.

Last but not least Maeve. There are few characters I dislike more than him. He is bitter and unfeeling, and a terrible person. It made me angry and you’ll see why.

The book’s dynamism is good, although the beginning is slow. However, once the story continues, the action doesn’t stop. The last 120 pages are a delight. All the characters, except Chaol, are connected and Sarah J. Maas uncovers the final secret. Everything fits perfectly. Everything makes perfect sense at the moment.

These pages were so intense, I couldn’t stop reading them at night and was wide-eyed as I freaked out.

Empire of Storms is without a doubt a book of 10. It fascinates me as much the fourth book in this series. The ending is what has earned it 5 stars on Goodreads.

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