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Review: Heir of Fire - Throne Of Glass 3 -  By Sarah J. Maas
Synopsis: Celaena has survived terrible fighting and the heartbreaking experience of heartbreak. But it was at an unimaginable price. He must now travel to a new country to confront his darkest past. This truth could change his life and his future forever. While you wait, monstrous and brutal forces are advancing on your world and trying to take over your life. Celaena must be strong enough to not only fight her inner demons but also to stop the evil she is about to unleash. About "Heir of Fire" Heiress of Fire, Sarah J. Maas' third book in the Saga of ...
Review: Queen of Shadows - Throne Of Glass 4 -  By Sarah J. Maas
Synopsis: Celaena is back in the empire after losing everyone she loves. She wants to take revenge on her kingdom and face the shadows from her past. She recognized her identity as Aelin Galantynius, Queen Of Terrasen. He must first fight to claim his throne. She will fight for her cousin, a warrior who is willing to die in order to see her again. He will fight for his friend, an unimaginable prisoner. He will also fight for his people who are waiting to be enslaved under the yoke a cruel king and the triumphant return their lost queen. About" ...
Review: Empire Of Storms - Throne Of Glass 5 -  By Sarah J. Maas
Synopsis: Aelin Galathynius is on the long road to the throne. Friendships have been made and broken, friendships lost and gained, and those with magic are facing those without. Aelin must make friends out of enemies if she wants to save her family from being enslaved by the dark forces that seek to take over Erilea. A desperate mission is Aelin's only hope of escaping war, which could bring an end to everything she loves. About" Empire Of Storms " Empire of Storms, the fifth book of the Throne of Glass saga is a bomb that will explode your head ...
Review: Heart bones By Colleen Hoover
Synopsis: Beyah Grim was raised by her parents to have life and a grim name. Beyah Grim is now well on her path to greater and better things. Beyah is separated from her future and her past in just two months. An unexpected death leaves her with no place to go. Beyah is forced to use her last resort and spend her summer on a Texas island with a father she doesn't know. Beyah plans to relax and let the summer flow smoothly. But Samson, her new neighbor puts a halt to that plan. Samson and Beyah are not related ...
Review: Tower Of Dawn - Throne Of Glass 6 -  By Sarah J. Maas
Synopsis: Nesryn Faliq and Chaol Westfall arrived in Antica to form an alliance with Khagans from the Southern Continent. Their vast armies are Erilea’s last hope. They have also arrived in Antica to seek healing at the Cesme Tower, where they can be treated for the injuries Chaol sustained in Rifthold. After suffering terrible horrors as a child Yrene Towers doesn't want to help Adarlan's young lord. He has taken an oath of charity to those in need and will keep it. However, Lord Westfall carries shadows of his past and Yrene quickly realizes that they could engulf the two ...
Review: Kingdom Of Ashes - Throne Of Glass 7 -  By Sarah J. Maas
Synopsis: Aelin took great risks to save her people. Aelin is encased in a metal coffin made by the Fairy queen and must keep her strong will to endure months upon months of torture. Aelin is aware that her love ones will be destroyed if she surrenders to the Maeves, but her determination begins to fade. Terrasen's last defense against impending destruction is Lysandra and Aedion. They soon discover that not all their Erawan allies are enough. Chaol and Manon are forced to take their own paths to reach their destinations. The hope of salvation...of a better world is in ...
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