Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book all about fortune-telling and psychic readings?

To be precise, this book is about how cold reading works. The psychic industry just provides most of the examples and illustrations. Clearly, the most conspicuous use of cold reading occurs within the psychic industry, which is why the book focuses on these kinds of examples. However, many of the techniques and strategies can be used in other, completely different contexts. The sixth chapter deals with three examples: selling, criminal interrogation and romance. Ian Rowland also offers tuition and training about how cold reading can be used in other contexts.


Can you define what cold reading is?

Cold reading is a psychological strategy which enables you to influence what someone else thinks and feels about you. It is most commonly used to give apparently 'psychic' readings, and to convince people that you have some sort of psychic ability. (Note: Hollywood actors use 'cold reading' to mean 'tackling an unseen script at audition'. This is an entirely separate subject, and irrelevant to this web site!).

Cold reading does have uses outside the psychic industry. It can also be used in everyday life in a positive and ethically responsible way (Ian Rowland trains people how to do this). For example, it has uses in sales and business. In short, if you ever want or need to influence how someone else perceives you, then cold reading is the most powerful technique at your disposal.

Returning to the psychic industry, cold reading is so-called because the reading is given 'cold', that is, without any prior information or clues. The alternative term, 'hot reading', is used to mean secretly obtaining information about the client before the reading begins.


Are you saying all psychics are fake?

This happens to be Ian Rowland’s personal opinion, based on over 30 years’ experience of pseudo-science and claims of psychic ability. Ian admits he could be wrong, and he is perfectly willing to change his mind if he comes across any good evidence or good reasoning that supports the ‘psychic powers’ hypothesis. If you happen to think that psychics are fortune-tellers are for real, then this book could well change your mind!


Why is this book so expensive?

It isn’t. At least not in the opinion of people who have actually bought it and read it. The fact that over 20,000 people have already happily purchased this remarkable book, without any trade or press advertising of any kind, suggests that an awful lot of people are recommending it to their friends. They wouldn’t do this unless it was excellent value for money. At the end of the day, you can either choose to focus on price or on value. To date, Ian Rowland Limited has never received a single complaint from any readers saying that the book is over-priced for the information it contains.

You may like to bear in mind that it took Ian Rowland about 20 years to gain all the knowledge and expertise needed to write this book. Also, Ian Rowland Limited has to print and publish this book independently, and this is not an inexpensive process. When you factor in all the print costs and overheads involved in making this book available, you realise the price is fair.


Do you give trade discounts or any other kind of discount?

Sorry, no.


How long will it take the book to reach me?

Your book is mailed to you by first-class mail as soon as you place your order. After that, it takes however long it takes for first-class mail to reach you from London, England. The exact times vary, and you should consult the postal authorities in your own country. The average delivery time to America is about 8 working days. Europe takes a little less, Australia takes a little longer.


Can you send the book to me another way, such as by courier? It’s faster and safer.

Sorry, no. It is impractical and expensive for Ian Rowland Limited to send books out in this way for individual customers, even those who are willing to pay for the extra service.


Why isn’t this book available as an e-book for instant download?

First of all because Ian Rowland prefers to supply it as a physical book, and many customers prefer it this way as well. Also because a book of this length and detail is not very well-suited to most e-book formats. This policy may be reviewed in future.


Won’t this book put the psychics out of business?

No. There is absolutely no chance of this book having any effect whatsoever on the multi-million dollar psychic industry. There is never any shortage of people wanting to pay for psychic services.


What should I do if I have any more questions?

If you have any other questions or comments you can use our contact form to send us an email.


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